Dedicated To Your Safety…

and… dedicated to providing our guests with a clean & sanitary environment in all of our vacation rental homes!

Enhanced Cleaning Practices & Procedures (incl. CDC Guidelines & Recommendations)

 All Rooms

  • Wipe out all windowsills
  • Dust or wipe off overhead light fixtures & ceiling fans
  • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings, ceiling fans, corners of rooms, behind floor lamps, behind toilets,
  • Clean mirrors, sliding glass doors & glass top tables w/streak free glass cleaner
  • Dust, wipe down & disinfect all furniture, including game tables, pool sticks, paddles, etc.
  • Remove furniture cushions & vacuum underneath. Spray w/disinfectant
  • Thoroughly clean underneath all furniture (move if possible) & clear out any objects, dust bunnies,
  • Sweep, Vacuum, Mop all floors
  • All light switch plates must be wiped with disinfectant with each clean

Staircases: Sweep or vacuum; then mop. Get down all cobwebs. Disinfect all railings, banisters, and other areas on staircases & loft areas where guests could make direct contact with their hands.

Kitchen/Dining: (Disinfect all surfaces, including appliances)

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean cabinet, drawer & appliance handles, knobs, pulls,
  • Remove all items from refrigerators, then remove crisper drawers, and any other removable shelves or trays, and wash thoroughly with warm, soapy, bleach water
  • Clean oven(s), inside & out (main oven, microwave, toaster oven, etc)
  • Pull out all small countertop appliances & canisters & thoroughly clean behind & underneath them.
  • Clean & disinfect all countertops and/or bars, making sure there are no streaks or residue
  • Clean back splash behind stove, top & outside of stove, underneath burners (if necessary) & clean inside bottom stove drawer
  • Check all potholders, and wash, if needed.  There should never, ever, be dirty, stained, or greasy washcloths left for guests to use.
  • Wipe & disinfect the outside of all bigger appliances – pay special attention to front ice & water dispensers
  • Make sure all dishes & silverware are clean, sanitized & put away
  • Make sure all kitchen drawers are clean, tidy, disinfected, and free of food or crumbs
  • Clean, sanitize & disinfect sinks & fixtures & wipe dry
  • Clean & sanitize trash cans
  • Sweep/vacuum, then & mop floors

Laundry Rooms/Areas

Using disinfectant wipes, thoroughly clean washing machine & dryer, inside & out, including all knobs, handles & pulls


  • Clean all tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, vanities, countertops & other surfaces w/disinfectant. Make sure there is no streaking or residue from cleaning products
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Clean & disinfect all cabinet & drawer knobs, shower door handles, light switches & plate covers,
  • Make sure entire bathroom is free of hair
  • Shake & vacuum rugs (wash if needed), spay w/disinfectant.
  • Clean & sanitize trash can


  • Strip beds and put-on fresh linens;  Spray mattress pads w/disinfectant spray. Launder sheets &, blankets.
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Dust all furniture, lift up any loose cushions in furniture & vacuum thoroughly; spray w/disinfectant spray
  • Vacuum, or sweep & mop floors. Vacuum under bed (sweep & mop if wooden or tile floors) & clear any objects, dust bunnies, etc.
  • Get all cobwebs down from ceilings, ceiling fans & corners of room
  • Wipe out all dresser, nightstand & chest of drawers; spray w/disinfectant.
  • Clean & disinfect all light switches, plate covers & pulls

Porches, Decks & Entry

  • Sweep, vacuum or blow to remove any & all debris
  • Dust or damp wipe all furniture
  • Get down all cobwebs
  • Check grills (those not only need to be scrubbed clean on the inside where food it cooked, but all dust, pollen, cobwebs, needs to be cleaned off on the outside.