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  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Can guests bring their own boat/pontoon, kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards?

    Yes, but all must be permitted through the Town of Lake Lure, and some exceptions apply: Call the Lure Town Hall (828) 625-9983 Ext: 129 or go online to https://www.townoflakelure.com/ Note: Jet skis are not allowed on Lake Lure

  • Is there extra parking available at our home?

    Most all vacation rental homes in this entire area have specific & limited parking, with little or no additional parking spaces. Each of our homes have a Maximum Vehicle Allowance, and we’re happy to discuss that with you when you call or inquire.

  • Is there parking for our boat trailer as our home?

    None of our home can accommodate boat trailers.

  • How are the roads in the Winter? Do we need 4WD?

    Most all roads are paved, with the exception of a few, which are gravel. 4WD drive is not needed unless we have Snow and/or ice. If you are planning a trip in the Winter months, when we are likely to have snow, we will advise you, with as much advance notice as we can, that Winter weather is forthcoming, and allow you to make the decision as to weather you want to continue with the reservation, or reschedule your trip for a later date. No refunds are given for inclement weather.

  • How far to:

    Ingles Grocery Store: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on, 5 – 20 minutes Lake Lure Beach: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on, 5 – 20 minutes. Chimney Rock Village & State Park: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on, 5 – 20 minutes. Walmart: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on (Hendersonville 20 minutes) (Forest City 30 minutes) Asheville: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on, the route taken and traffic, Approx. 45 mins. To 1 hour Biltmore House & Estates: Depending on which side of Lake Lure you are on, the route taken and traffic, 45 mins. Hendersonville: Depending on which slide of Lake Lure you are on, 30 to 40 mins Tryon/Tryon Equestrian Center: 25 to 30 mins. Ski Slopes: There are several ski slopes within an hour’s drive, and more further up with a 2 hour drive.

  • Do our properties have fire pits?

    Some of our properties do have fire pits, and those that do, will advertise that in the description of the property on the websites, and should also have pictures of the fire pit.

  • Can guest’s jump off the docks at lake front properties?

    Guests can certainly jump off of standard boat docks, but diving is strongly discouraged, and… we do not advise jumping off of boat house roof top decks. There could very well be limbs, and/or other debris down deep in the water, that cannot be seen. Any jumping or diving off of any structure, regardless of its height, will be at the guests’ own risk.

  • Are guests allowed to have large gatherings, dinner parties, etc.?

    In most cases, no; simply because there is not enough parking to accommodate large crowds, and because of the nuisance to neighboring properties. However, we are happy to discuss that with you and can possibly make an exception, on a case-by-case situation.

  • Do you offer cribs, pack-n-play, highchairs, strollers, etc., for babies and/or toddlers, or… is there a place to rent these items?

    We do not offer any of these items for rent, and unfortunately, there is nowhere in our area that does. You will need to bring your own.

  • Do you provide extra towels, linens, etc.?

    All linens and towels are provided. There will be one set of sheets for each bed (all beds will be made when you arrive) and there will be two (2) bath towels, two (2) wash cloths & one (1) hand towel for each guest. No additional towels are provided, but each home has its own laundry facilities.

  • Can guests request an early check-in time, or a late check-out time?

    We are happy to try and accommodate these requests, but only in the off season. (After Labor Day and up until Memorial Day.

  • Is there internet service at our home?

    Yes, all of our homes are equipped with internet service. However, be reminded that you are in the mountains, and some internet service can be temperamental, and could be interrupted during thunderstorms, snow, hard rain, or high winds.

  • Can fireplaces be used year-round?

    Fireplaces (whether wood-burning or gas) can only be used from October 1 through April 20th. This is to avoid guests using fireplaces for ambiance during the Spring & Summer months, while turning the AC down to an unrealistic temperature and/or leaving doors open to the outside.

  • What kind of coffee maker is in our home?

    All homes have regular 10-12 cup coffee makers, with the exception of the 1BR tiny cabins, which have 4 cup coffee makers. Some of our homes do also have Keurig’s as well. That information can be found on the website, in the description for each home, or we’ll be happy to answer that question about your specific home, over the phone.

  • Does our home have plates, utensils, cookware, etc.?

    Yes, all of our homes have fully equipped kitchens, and provide all kitchen items needed for preparing meals

  • Is there a grill at our home?

    Yes, all of our homes are equipped with gas grills, and propane is provided.

  • Do you sell tickets to area attractions?

    No. We do not sell tickets to any local attractions.

  • Do we need a permit to fish in the lake and/or the river?
  • Are passes to the Rumbling Bald Resort included with all homes?

    No. RBR guest passes are only offered with the homes that are actually in and part of the resort.

  • What Wildlife can we expect to see?

    Bobcat, Coyote, Bear, Deer, Snakes, Lizards

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