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Policies & Procedures

This Addendum to Exclusive Mountain Properties Vacation Rental Agreement constitutes an integral part of the Agreement & Tenant agrees that Tenant has received & read this Addendum, in its entirety.

Maximum Occupancy: Each home has a specific maximum overnight occupancy limit, which will be strictly enforced.

Parking: Most homes in this area  have limited parking, due to our mountainous region. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas at or on the vacation rental property. Parking in the roadway blocking the flow of traffic and parking on neighbor’s property without permission are prohibited. Contact your rental’s property manager if you have questions or concerns about the number of vehicles allowed, or for offsite, overflow parking options.  **If any evidence is found of a violation of this policy, you will also be in violation of our Rental Agreement and may be required to leave without any refund in accord with the North Carolina Expedited Eviction Procedures.

Rates: Nightly Rates are published on the website(s), but do not include additional fees & expenses (i.e. housekeeping, damage waiver fee, reservation fee or the 13% Sales & Occupancy Tax.

Early Arrivals & Late Check-Outs:  Check-In is at 4:00 p.m.  Check-out is at 10:00 a.m. Requests for early arrivals or late check-outs may be granted ONLY during our off season (Labor Day. – Apr) with no additional charge. However, absolutely no early arrivals or late check-outs are allowed during our prime season (May – Labor Day). Should you arrive before 4:00 pm, or depart after 10:00 am (w/o approval from EMP), you will be charged a $100 service fee.  **There are times that maintenance issues and/or housekeeping take up until 3:30 or 4:00 and we cannot complete those tasks with guests there, and…housekeeping arrives no later than 10:15, on the day of your departure.

Reservations/Cancellations: We require that one-half of the total reservation be paid at the time of reservation. The remaining balance will be due, in full, sixty (60) days prior to your arrival date.  Cancellations must occur sixty (60) days prior to your arrival date, in order for any money to be refunded. In the event you cancel within the required time period, you will receive a full-refund, minus the $75.00 cancellation fee. In the event you cancel after the required time period, no money will be refunded, unless we are able to re-rent the home during the time period you were scheduled to stay. In the event we do rent the home, you will receive a full-refund, minus the $75.00 cancellation fee.

Damage Protection: In lieu of a security deposit, you will be required to purchase Damage Protection Insurance Policy @ a cost of $50. This insurance policy covers any and all accidentadamage in and to the home, up to $1,500. *This fee is not optional, and is not refundable. This insurance policy DOES NOT cover any intentional or careless negligence or damage,  any excessive cleaning that is needed due to negligence or mistreatment of the property by the Tenant, and it does not cover damage to a boat, kayak or canoe. **If evidence is found of intentional uncleanliness, un-bagged garbage, purposeful disarray of household contents, furniture moved around and not moved back into its proper place, will result in additional (reasonable, customary, and appropriate) charges to the Tenant’s credit card. **Your signature on this Rental Agreement entitles Agent to charge your credit card for any & all damages exceeding $1,500 (excluding reasonable wear and tear), including hot tubs, game tables, any & all excessive cleaning needed (inside the home & out) and any & all un-bagged garage (inside the home or out). You will be notified within five (5) days if any additional charges are necessary

Trash:  ALL TRASH MUST BE PLACED IN TRASH BAGS (at least 13-gallon size) and put in the outside trash cans provided at each home, with lids secured.  Do not bring the cans to the house; you must take your trash to the cans.  **Any loose trash in any trash can, whether it is a household trash can or an outside trash can, or any large amounts of trash simply left in “Wal-Mart” or other similar sized bags, or any trash left in trash bags inside the home or outside not in the trash cans provided, will result in additional charge of $50 to your credit card.

Pets:  Pets are not allowed in any of our homes, unless they have been approved by the homeowner and by Exclusive Mountain Properties. If there is evidence that you have had a pet in one of our homes, without prior approval, a minimum charge of $100 will be applied to your credit card, and additional charges may be assessed if there are any damages caused by the pet, excessive pet hair, or any additional cleaning needed because of the pet.

 Smoking:  All homes are “non-smoking” homes. You are allowed to smoke outside the home, as long as butts are disposed of properly. You will need to refer to the policies for your individual home.  **Additional charges will be assessed for any evidence is found that smoking has occurred inside any home, or if cigarette butts are found on the grounds

 Sheets  Towels: Bath towels, sheets & blankest ARE NOT to be taken to boat docks or boathouses for any reason.  Additional charges will be assessed, to the credit card we have on file, for any linens, towels, washcloths, hand towels, etc. that are permanently stained, taken from the home or disposed of, for any reason,

Boats (including PontoonsCanoesetc): If your property comes with a boat of any kind, a trained Boat Master, with Exclusive Mountain Properties will come to you to check your boat out and provide you with keys upon your arrival (or shortly thereafter) Boat Master will review and demonstrate correct operation of the boat, as well as all Lake Operations Rules & Regulations pertaining to Commercial Boats at that time. In the event you are ticketed on the water in the boat (at any time during your stay) due to non- compliance of any of the Lake Operations Rules & Regulations, the Lake Patrol Officer will immediately notify Exclusive Mountain Properties, and your boat privileges will be relinquished, and/or you may be required to vacate the premises, in which case, absolutely no refunds will be given.   **You will be required to have the boat ready for departure inspection at 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to your departure. The boat must be clean, tidy and full of gas, just as when you received it.

Inoperable Appliances, Equipment, etc. Please notify us immediately of any equipment, appliances, AC, heating devices, boats, canoes, kayaks, or any other items that you find not working properly.  Every effort will be made to make repairs in a timely manner during reasonable hours.  Please note that some issues with, AC or heating elements, boats and appliances, such as mechanical   failures, power outages, etc. are beyond our control and NO REFUND or REDUCTION IN RENT will be given.

Weather Related Situations:  **There will be no refunds or reduction in rent due to inclement weather. Should inclement weather (here) prevent you from being able to keep your reservation, we will allow you to reserve the home at a later date of your choice, within a season with the same rental rates. Should inclement weather happen during your stay, such that it’s not safe for you to leave, we will make every effort to accommodate you, in the same home, or a different home (if necessary) at no extra charge.

Power outages can and do occur on occasion, and there are rare occasions when outages can last for an extended period of time. In the even you lose power, you may call 1-800- (Power On) 769-3766 from the home phone (if there is one) & if not, you can call from your mobile phone & wait for & choose the option to report outage for or from a different phone number. You can then report the outage & request text updates until the power is back on. **All homes are equipped with rechargeable light bulbs, and battery operated flashlights for your use during any such power outage.

Personal Injury:  Exclusive Mountain Properties will not be liable or responsible for any personal injury caused to any guest by not following all guidelines given by Exclusive Mountain Properties at time of check-in, or caused by any non-compliance with any of these Policies & Procedures. Water activities are great fun, but must always be approached and undertaken with the utmost respect for the water, boat, etc. Any diving and/or jumping from boats, boat docks, decks, etc. will be at the risk of the guest, and not the responsibility of Exclusive Mountain Properties. In the event personally injury occurs under normal circumstances, the guest is required to immediately (within one hour) notify Exclusive Mountain Properties of the nature of the injury, the cause of the injury, the extent of the injury, and any necessary treatment for the injury.

**Please remember that these are privately owned homes being offered to you for your relaxation and enjoyment. You are expected to be considerate and to maintain these premises with the utmost respect and responsibility.

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