Pontoon Boat Rentals

Enjoy a day or two, on Lake Lure in a pontoon boat, or… rent one for the entire length of your stay!

Please contact one of our professional boat rental offices for your boat rental needs. Pontoon boats will be delivered to you at your Lake Lure lakefront home, or to the Lake Lure Marina (if you’re staying in a non-lakefront home)  & boats will be picked back up at a time agreed upon by you and the boat master.

 **Add a “made to order” picnic lunch to either option for an additional fee

                                       (828) 808-1626 or  (828) 625-9200                                                              




HALF DAY RENTALS:  $325 (plus 6.75% NC Sales Taxes)

DAILY RENTAL RATES: $525.00 (plus 6.75% N.C. Sales Taxes)
 WEEKLY RENTAL RATES: $1,400 (plus 6.75% N.C. Sales Taxes)

 *No towing allowed w/commercial boats (i.e. skiing, tubing, kneeboardng, etc)

  **All Town of Lake Lure Boating Rules & Regulations Apply

   *** Pontoon Boats Available April 15th – Thanksgiving