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General Information

  1. All watercraft of any kind must obtain and display an annual boat permit issued by the town in order to be on Lake Lure for recreational, commercial and/or fishing activities.
  2. For the enjoyment and safety of everyone, the following boat types are not permitted on the lake:
  • Any pontoon boat, canoe, kayak, rowing shell, row boat or any motorized craft that is longer than 28 feet
  • Any other type of boat that is longer than 20 feet, 11 inches, such as a runabout, ski boat, deck boat or sail boats;
  • Jet Skis

Requirements for Private Boats: Insurance

  • Lake Lure requires that all private boat owners must obtain and maintain marine liability insurance with at least $300,000 in coverage for each motorized boat permitted.
  • The Town does not need to be listed as a co-insured. Proof of insurance must be shown in order to receive a permit (either an agency letter or a copy of the policy).


  • Owners and spouses of an improved property parcel (with dwelling) within the Town of Lake Lure may have up to 3 motorized boats permitted at the resident rates.
  •  An unimproved parcel may have 1 motorized boat permitted. Additional boats must be permitted at the non-resident rates.
  • No more than 3 boats may be moored per 100 feet of shoreline (exception: approved marinas and cluster moorings).

Information Required to Obtain a Permit


NOTE: Daily $30 boat permits are not available during peak season, which is the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day

  • Address of Lake Lure property (if applying for a resident permit)
  • Name, address and contact information of boat owner (name must match property tax records for resident permits)
  • Boat information: make, model, year, length, color, mooring location. If motorized: motor make, year, horsepower.
  • For motorized boats: Proof of state registration
  • For motorized boats: Proof of liability insurance (marine policy or homeowner’s policy or a certificate of insurance)
  • Check or cash to pay for permit fees
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